Who are we ?

We are the first crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to innovation.

First the loan, now the investment, myOptions is a digital marketplace that make easier the meeting between a community of funders (individuals and legal entities) and innovative companies with a need of financing.

As Participatory investment Advisors, we offer companies, as well as individuals, an opportunity to diversify their investments, complementary to traditional savings and investment levers.

From your dashboard, you always have access to relevant information allowing you to manage your portfolio.

myoptions, a digital offer
integrated into the first consulting group in
global financing of innovation

The strength of myOptions lies in its articulation with the traditional activity of innovation financing consulting of the Asteryos group. The crowdfunding platform completes the group's global offer in the innovation financing market. With a 100 % digital service offer, myoptions.co breaks with the traditional and original business of Asteryos financing consulting.

Please note : crowdfunding operations may present risks of non-repayment and loss of capital. Investments present a significant risk of partial or total loss of capital as well as a risk of liquidity. We invite you to spread your investments and only commit amounts that you do not have an immediate need of.