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  • Business sector : Cybersécurité / Legaltech
  • Legal form : SAS
  • Creation date : le Jan. 21, 2016
  • Business identification number (SIRET) : <p>81785242900023</p>
  • Capital : 185000€

We are delighted by your interest in KEYMO by BYSTAMP.

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BYSTAMP has designed an electronic stamp, called KEYMO, which transform the use of the ink pad to the digital world. With a simple stamping gesture, KEYMO allows you to sign a PDF document on any smartphone / tablet, ensuring strong authentication of its owner and guaranteeing the sovereignty of the signed data.

The idea behind BYSTAMP was a non-profit fundraising app project meant for the use in physical stores. The problem was "How to validate, simply, quickly and on 100% of smartphones, the checkout knowing that the application is not connected to the checkout system?"

Several methods were studied (QR code, NFC, etc.) but none was satisfactory. Retail traders usually  used a paper map with an ink pad. Well, let's stamp this dematerialized card on the smartphone.

A prototype was quickly designed and presented at the "Big4Startup" event organized by BPI at the end of 2016. The next day, the founders of BYSTAMP were contacted by EDF, which launched a major project to dematerialize the maintenance processes of nuclear power plants. The question arose of the strong authentication of individuals on their tablets and especially those of their subcontractors. This project, which involves the entire nuclear industry, is well advanced, is still ongoing and BYSTAMP is a stakeholder.

From then on, the company turned to a technology company specializing in mobile authentication solutions.

After 3 years of research and 2 patents, KEYMO is the third version of the electronic stamp which offers unprecedented features in cybersecurity while meeting the criteria of simplicity, ease of use and habits for all populations.

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