Prêt à Tourner

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Prêt à Tourner

Prêt à Tourner

  • Business sector :
  • Legal form : SAS
  • Creation date : le March 15, 2018
  • Business identification number (SIRET) : <p>838191898</p>
  • Capital : 7500€

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P.A.T - Prêt à tourer (Ready to film) is an international location scouting platform for individuals, businesses, institutions and audiovisual professionals. The company connects real estate owners wishing to rent out their properties with film industry professionals looking for specific locations. P.A.T. also offers a set of additional services to showcase the property of owners, including taking aerial shots and professional photographs to ensure optimal visibility of the ad on the platform.

P.A.T. is a web platform for international relations between individuals, institutional owners of real estate and audiovisual professionals looking for filming locations. The objective is to simplify the process of finding places for professionals by providing a space bringing together atypical places present nationally and internationally, and bringing together the technical and artistic conditions expected by the audiovisual sector.

The company started out from the simple observation that the production environment essentially functioned through network connections and that it was extremely complex today to search for filming locations quickly and easily. The expectations of professionals are assessed at two levels, on the one hand on the ability to find the specific place corresponding to the needs of producers, wherever they are and on request by accessing a library of places or goods in provisions. On the other hand, on reducing the cost of tracking, which makes film productions more accessible for professionals. To date, no service is able to offer an alternative capable of meeting these needs.

In this context, P.A.T. is the solution facilitating contact between producers and owners of goods. The service is presented as a turnkey offer for the search for filming locations that will significantly reduce the costs and time required for this research phase. The platform allows spotters to access at any time a catalog of goods made available and meeting the expectations of directors. For each user, a personal space is offered to manage and follow the progress of research for one or more filming locations. The objective is to centralize all the functionalities within the platform to facilitate the procedures and the making of contact. As such, the company integrates an instant messaging system as well as an online payment solution within P.A.T. to once again increase the time savings and the accessibility of its solution.

P.A.T. is currently continuing to develop its catalog of locations and goods available and aims to maximize the visibility of filming locations and their specificities. This is why the company is now reinforcing the presentation of the various properties by offering owners the option of accompanying the presentation of the premises with shots taken by professional photographers and dronists. The company plans to reach 10,000 locations and assets by the end of 2020 and aims to rapidly expand internationally to reach 50,000 locations worldwide.

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400 000 €
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Income tax / corporation tax/ Contribution-transfer
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1 300 €

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