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Harmony Promotion (Obligation)

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Harmony Promotion (Obligation)

Harmony Promotion

  • Business sector : Promotion Immobilière de logement
  • Legal form : SAS
  • Creation date : le May 23, 2019
  • Business identification number (SIRET) : <p>85102581700012</p>
  • Capital : 200000€

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Thanks to its first crowdfunding campaign on myOptions, Harmony Promotion was able to finalize the application and home automation part of its real estate programs. This innovative positioning in the real estate development sector appeals to both clients - already more than 60% marketing rate for their first program located in Plessis Trevise - and investors - the company has just closed a fundraising of € 1000K from a fund -. Harmony Promotion returns to myOptions and requests € 700,000 in bond loans to speed up the marketing of its future programs.

Resolutely amazing in the traditional landscape of real estate development, HARMONY PROMOTION cultivates its difference by seeking to produce goods of superior quality and durability. To do this, it uses quality and sustainable materials as soon as possible and makes sure to minimize its carbon footprint. This desire does not stop at the choice of materials but is part of the design of each project, where reflection systematically leads to ecological optimization serving nature and people. Thus, the company seeks to introduce water collectors, solar panels, smart heaters to help reduce the impact on the planet. Harmony Promotion's offer pays great attention to the conservation of green spaces and aims to conserve as much as possible the trees present on the land for its future projects or, failing that, to replant as many local species as possible to conserve biodiversity. The designs are carried out in such a way as to provide customers with the means to adopt a responsible attitude with the provision of electric vehicles (bicycles, scooters and even scooters), pre-wired parking lots for electric cars and with charging stations. Named Harmo’bility, the service was designed as a global car-sharing concept exclusive to Harmony Promotion customers. In terms of innovation, the company aims to simplify and optimize the consumption of its customers. This is why the homes include an intelligent management system that can be fully controlled by the smartphone or the voice assistant, which makes it possible to manage all the equipment, consumption, and the air quality of the homes. The objective is to provide a technologically advanced good allowing once again to control and regulate its ecological footprint.

From an innovative and responsible approach, Harmony Promotion stands out clearly within the real estate development sector, which is now increasingly undertaking to orient its strategy towards eco-construction. Initially considered a radical concept in the real estate industry, HARMONY PROMOTION could well become the standard for a new model in the real estate development landscape.

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700 000 €
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700 000 €
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