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Sea Proven Group

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Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne FR
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Sea Proven Group

Sea Proven Group

  • Business sector : Robotique marine
  • Legal form : SARL
  • Creation date : le May 1, 2015
  • Business identification number (SIRET) : 082910970100013
  • Capital : 400000€

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Sea Proven Group has developed its expertise around marine robotics. It is composed of two companies, Sea Proven and DNG Solutions.

The society Sea Proven develops autonomous surface vessels that collect mega oceanic data. DNG Solution proposes nautical drones for the professionals of the sea and the maritime rescue.
Little is known about the oceans and especially about what they contain. The sea occupies 71% of the planet's surface, but only 10% of the seabed relief beyond 200 meters is known*. For the teams of the Sea Proven group, the ocean is the future of the Earth. It offers a formidable field of exploration.

Fabien de Varenne, a highly experienced and passionate sailor, has created this group which includes two companies, Sea Proven and DNG Solution. The first one develops autonomous surface vessels. Equipped with multiple sensors, these autonomous ships (sometimes called marine drones) manage to probe the seabed. Where space satellites probe the surface, Sea Proven's marine drones capture informations from beneath the oceans.

The innovation is characterized at several levels: first in the design of the vessel, in the fact that it operates on electricity, autonomously without a human on board. But also, in the economic model chosen by sea The company does not market the ships that it keeps itself but the data collected during scientific or commercial missions carried out at sea.

As for the company DNG Solution, it offers nautical drones to the service of the rescue and the professionals of the sea. Their mastery of the entire range of nautical drones offers solutions adapted to the needs. 
Two types of craft: 
-> one that allows for remote-controlled sea rescue operations from the coast
-> the other one carries out small scientific or military operations, on the coast or on the river. 

This complete offer A complete offer that interests the public, private and military sectors.

The Sea Proven company, which has already succeeded in a campaign on, is renewing a crowdfunding operation on the platform. 

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400 000 €
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Tax benefits
Income tax / corporation tax/ Contribution-transfer
Amount collected
1 600 €

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